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Raylight Cutter's 3D cutting room breaks up the editing process into its natural phases:

  • selecting clips

  • editing clips

  • assembly of scenes

  • color correction

  • sound mixing

  • preparing the movie for presentation.

 It's simpler, easier to use, and faster than anything else on the market.

 It's so unique, it was granted a US Patent (No. 9728224).


With Raylight Cutter


It's faster than other programs because:

  • It locates your clips for you, saving time searching for files
  • The controls are large and suitable for use with touchscreens and tablets.
  • Clips can be swiped into the scene and moved around with your finger tips, saving time.
  • Transitions are grouped logically and can be more easily modified in multiple places at once.
  • It can easily be controlled with voice commands.
  • Proxies for faster editing are handled transparently in the program, no need for transcoding or file swapping.
  • Common color correction, sound mixing and title controls are integrated into the program with simple, easy-to-use methods.
  • It's integrated with the Power Mate (tm) knob for smooth-as-glass scrubbing.
  • Has built-in support for multiple displays and full-screen video playback




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    Monthly subscription license for Raylight Cutter:

    • You can cancel your subscription at any time
    • License includes Windows and Mac versions
    • Updates itself from the cloud once a month
    • 24/7 Product Support via email
    • M-F Phone support
    • Free updates
    • Secure credit card payments processed through PayPal

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    for WindowsTM and Apple OSXTM

    • Unique Film-Like Architecture: Organize by Reels, Scenes, Cuts
    • Import P2 HD, AVC, Canon or Sony MXF, HDSLR, Red, Raw Formats, HDV, PAL, NTSC into the same project
    • Export P2 HD, PAL, NTSC, DVD, Blue Ray, or DCP
    • Any project size from DV to 4K
    • Real-time playback and effects at 24, 25 or 30 frames/sec
    • High-Quality 50i/60i conversions to 24p, 25p or 30p
    • Film-style editing with a clutter-free, ultra-simple 3D user interface based on OpenGL
    • Limitless number of soundtracks
    • Titles, color correction, reframing, greenscreen composites, and sound mixing
    • Voice Recognition and Touchscreen control
    • Use with the PowerMate shuttle wheel for rapid two-handed editing
    • Windows and Mac versions $495.00, or Subscription Licensing at $45/month.
    • Built on the technology of DVFilm Maker, Atlantis, RAYLIGHT and Rembrandt